How do service risers help achieve improved U-values?

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When carrying out work on a building’s fabric, the structure’s U-value is a critical consideration. This is especially true when dealing with building and roof penetrations since the holes created will need to be properly constructed and sealed to keep the U-values as low as possible.

Here at Jones and Woolman, we understand the importance of U-values, and that’s why we’ve developed our unique GRP service riser solutions for commercial buildings. These have been designed to provide a thermally efficient seal around roof penetrations, ensuring that the thermal efficiency of the building fabric is maintained.


Service risers and U-values

There are many different ways to measure a building’s environmental performance, and the main focus is generally on carbon and energy usage. The amount of heat that leaks from a structure plays a big part in how easy it is to maintain the internal temperature – and that’s where U-values come into the equation.

Also known as thermal transmittance, the U-value is calculated by determining the rate of transfer of heat through a structure and dividing it by the difference in temperature across the structure. Individual materials have U-values, but it’s the overall U-value of a building that ultimately matters. This means that all the materials used must be considered, as well as workmanship and the standard of installation.

Design can also play a part in a building’s U-values. For example, when finding a solution for service risers in a building, common ‘dog kennel’ or cladded ‘shed’ systems can have a detrimental impact on thermal transmittance. The GRP service risers from Jones and Woolman UK, however, are designed to protect and seal in important systems – such as air conditioning equipment, electrical systems, factory plant and other building services – while also preventing unwanted heat loss from the building.

Service risers from Jones and Woolman UK – the better option

Here at Jones and Woolman, our fibreglass roof penetration solutions and service risers have been developed to ensure optimal U-values. They are a particularly good option for concrete insulated flat roofs on commercial buildings, but can also be used with other roof constructions.

In addition, our installation teams are experts at creating finished results that are weatherproof and effectively insulated, without gaps or cold bridges that could negatively affect a building’s U-values.

As well as the improved U-values of Jones and Woolman UK service risers, our solutions also have a lower profile than other options. This is ideal for building aesthetics, as the riser is less noticeable once installed. It’s also beneficial in locations like London where space and planning permission can be an issue. Other benefits include a quicker installation time, longer lifespan and a more cost-effective effective solution.

To find out more about the benefits of GRP service risers, and to discuss your requirements with the experts at Jones and Woolman UK, please contact us today.