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Weatherproofing Roof Details

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Weatherproofing roof details and roof penetrations can be complicated, but it’s also extremely important. The right specification will depend on the penetration being installed, as well as the building envelope construction.

To help simplify planning and design, we have created a collection of downloadable weatherproofing schematics for architects and specifiers.

Weatherproofing commercial building penetrations

When it comes to commercial building penetrations, one of the most important aspects to get right is the weatherproofing. Any wall or roof penetration is breaking through a previously water-tight surface and must be adequately sealed to keep out wind and rain.

Without suitable weatherproofing, a building could suffer from leaks, excess moisture, damp, wind uplift and draughts. Small flaws in the weatherproofing can also quickly become much bigger problems, particularly when it comes to severe weather conditions. So a high-quality installation – one that meets the needs of the specific project – is extremely important.

In-situ weathering by Jones and Woolman UK

Our in-situ weathering system is quick and easy to install, flexible and gives a high-quality, long-lasting finish. It comprises a fibre-reinforced, cold-applied liquid that can be used with any type of cladding, as well as built-up roofs and composite roofs.

To find out more about weatherproofing roof details or vertical wall penetrations for commercial buildings, please download the relevant schematics below. You can also contact our team to discuss your project.

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