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Roof Access Hatches & Vent Upstands

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Roof access hatches and ventilation is an important consideration for most commercial projects since roof space is often used to house building services and plants. Provision of vents and adequate roof access is a must in these situations. It’s also important to ensure all penetrations are installed appropriately, and in a way that ensures they are weathertight.

Here at Jones and Woolman UK, we can make and fit load bearing upstands. Which will enable the successful and weatherproof installation of your roof vent or roof access hatches.

Roof Access Hatches

Our unique inclined load-bearing upstand system allows access roof hatches to be installed in all types of roof, including low-pitched roofs. Hinged or removable panels are also available to fit vertical cladding and can be manufactured to suit your requirements.

We supply and fit a wide range of roof access units. Our standard product range includes Bilco hatches, as well as a range of aluminium hatches that can be supplied with your choice of polycarbonate domes or pyramids. These are then insulated by flat aluminium lids.

In addition, we can provide bespoke large plant access panels, as well as weathering systems and covers for service risers.


Roof ventilation comes in a range of types and sizes, and many designs require an upstand to ensure proper functionality and weather tightness.

As experts in building penetrations and weathering systems, the team at Jones and Woolman UK has extensive experience in designing, building and installing roof ventilation upstands for commercial projects.

Within our solutions, our non-load-bearing upstand is an ideal choice for both flues and ducts. Our load bearing upstand however, is more suited to natural air vents, louvre vents and is also fully compatible with the VELUX  Modular Skylight system.

Depending on your requirements, upstands can be designed to be perpendicular to the floor or roof pitch, and our installation service includes weatherproofing, including drainage and water deflection.

Olympic stadium Waterproofing and access hatch installation
Bilco access hatch with a white walkway on a weatherproofed roof
rof upstand pitched roof
weathertight roof upstands and access hatches shown on top of a building
commercial dome rooflights
Bilco with walkway on roof
access roof hatches low-pitched roofs

All installations are carried out by our team of expert installers. Using our unique weatherproofing system – a flexible, reinforced cold-applied liquid that is compatible with most types of cladding and single-ply roofs.

To find out more, or discuss your project with a member of our team, please get in touch today using the contact form on the right and our experts will be in touch soon.

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This year we celebrate 40 years as a successful business within the roofing industry; as we continue to grow and expand our product offering, Jones and Woolman UK look forward to what the future holds, and applying our industry leading knowledge and expertise to your next project.

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