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GRP Architectural Mouldings

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GRP architectural mouldings are strong, lightweight and weather resistant, making them an ideal choice for construction projects. Also known as fibreglass or glass-reinforced plastic, GRP can be formed into nearly any size or shape and colour-matched, giving complete design versatility to create custom-made building elements such as bespoke fascias, canopies, domes, column casings, cladding and other decorative features.

Whether you want to create an interesting architectural feature or require a more practical building element, opting for GRP architectural mouldings can help to ensure the finished result meets your exact requirements.

Here at Jones and Woolman UK, we have extensive experience in designing and building GRP architectural mouldings. We’ve worked on a wide range of commercial projects in the UK and Ireland, as well as abroad, including office buildings, residential developments, shopping centres, factories, and sports arenas.

What are GRP architectural mouldings?

Also known as fibreglass or glass-reinforced plastic, GRP is a combination of plastic and glass fibres. It can be provided in sheets, woven cloths or as a liquid for brush application or pouring into moulds.

Whatever its original form, GRP can be used to create durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant architectural mouldings such as fascias, canopies, domes, column casings and decorative features.

What are the benefits of fibreglass architectural mouldings?

If you’re looking for architectural mouldings, GRP/fibreglass is an ideal material. Its design versatility means that it’s suitable for creating simple and robust building elements such as upstands, curbs and fascias.

In addition, GRP’s light weight and strength make it an excellent choice for creating complex shapes and sweeping organic curves – designs that are often unachievable in materials such as steel or aluminium. And since the material weighs so little, it is likely to cause any structural strains on the building.

Other benefits of fibreglass architectural mouldings include:

  • Colour matching: GRP can be pigmented to match just about any colour desired, and finish options include glossy or matt.
  • Long lifespan: Our GRP architectural mouldings are provided with a 25-year guarantee, but the products may last much longer than that.
  • Low maintenance: Very little maintenance is required to keep fibreglass architectural mouldings looking their best. An occasional clean is all that is needed.
  • Easy to repair: While repairs are rarely required, if a GRP architectural moulding is damaged, it should also be easy to repair.

Bespoke GRP architectural mouldings

With extensive experience working with GRP, Jones and Woolman UK can design and build bespoke architectural mouldings. Our team will work with you from the early design stages to ensure the finished result meets your requirements in terms of functionality, appearance, and cost. All installations carry our comprehensive 25-year warranty.

We also offer bespoke upstands made on-site at our UK office and production facility. This provides a weather-tight and attractive solution for roof penetrations.

To find out more about our GRP architectural mouldings, or to discuss your next project in detail, contact us using the form on this page or call to speak to one of our experts on 01922 712111.

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