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What are architectural mouldings?

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Architectural mouldings are structures and finishes that add character and specialist designs to buildings and structures. They can also be used to house and protect utilities with the added benefit of ‘hiding’ them from plain sight in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

They can be comprised of different materials such as aluminium or PPC steel, however, GRP (glass reinforced plastic) architectural mouldings are setting the new standard for what can be achieved within the industry.

GRP architectural mouldings are lightweight yet durable and can be formed into almost any shape imaginable. While architects were once held back by the limitations of materials like timber and steel, GRP opens up a vast range of possibilities. Giving the end results a high level of strength and impact resistance for longevity.


The difference between casting and moulding

Casting is the process of pouring molten metal into a cast which then solidifies and the cast is then broken away from the formed shape. The resulting product needs finishing by other means to give it that finished look such as polishing or filing to remove rough edges. Due to the required breaking of the mould, this process is, therefore, a one-off creation. With the negative to this being that if you require copies you would need to create more castings – incurring additional costs and time.

Moulding is the process of pouring liquid plastics or other such materials into a mould which can then be removed without the need of breaking the mould. The end product also requires no further finishing. This process also lends itself easily to duplication because the mould remains intact throughout the whole process. This allows the manufacturer to create multiple exact copies, saving time and resources compared to the casting process.

This process is undertaken for GRP mouldings meaning the product output is of the highest quality. Whilst at a competitive price, and affording the benefit of duplication should your project need it.

Jones and Woolman UK has collaborated on a number of unique and bespoke GRP architectural moulding projects and we have the resources to bring your structural imaginations to life. To find out more or to discuss your next project with a member of our team, please get in touch here or call us on 01922 712111.