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What is GRP roofing and what is the best way to repair GRP roof damage?

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GRP roofing is a popular choice for many types of buildings, but what exactly is GRP roofing? And how can it be repaired if it suffers damage?

Here at J&W, we offer a quick and reliable method for repairing GRP roof damage. Our cold applied repair solution is solvent-free, quick to apply and creates a strong protective coating over any damage.

Now, let’s answer some common questions about GRP roofs.

What is a GRP roof?

A GRP roof is a roof that is covered with GRP (also known as glass-reinforced plastic or fibreglass). This strong yet lightweight material comprises glass fibres mixed with plastic.

GRP roofing is applied in layers comprising GRP matting and resin, then finished with a topcoat. It can be used on a wide range of substrates and roof types.

In addition, GRP roofing elements can be pre-moulded to create upstands, architectural mouldings and decorative features such as domes, fascias, canopies and waves.

What are the benefits of GRP roofing?

GRP roofing is durable, weather-resistant, reliable and requires minimal maintenance. It also offers a long lifespan and resistance to mould, rot and fire. If it becomes damaged, simple flat roof repairs can be carried out.

What type of building are GRP roofs suitable for?

GRP roofs are suitable for a wide range of new build and refurbishment projects, from domestic applications like small garden sheds, garages and house extensions, all the way through to massive commercial buildings like sports stadia, warehouses and shopping centres.

While it is most commonly used for flat roof constructions, GRP roofing can also be used on pitched roofs.

GRP Fibreglass Flat Roof
GRP-Linings commercial build
GRP-Linings repair on a commercial property
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How is GRP roofing repaired?

When a GRP roof needs to be repaired, a quick solution is essential. After all, water and wind can cause a lot of damage in very little time.

JW’s GRP roof repair service involves the application of a cold-applied liquid that forms a bond with most substrates, including GRP roofing. The result is a strong and durable coating that protects the damaged section from wind uplift and moisture ingress.

Since our roof repair formula can be applied over existing GRP roofing, there’s no need to remove the old roofing materials before carrying out flat roof repairs. The results are UV-stable, durable and reliable.

Our GRP roof repair services are suitable for remedying a wide range of roof damage and roof problems, including:

  • Leaks
  • Moisture ingress
  • Membrane buckling
  • Membrane cracks
  • Ponding
  • Damaged flashing
  • Broken tiles
  • Failing seals around roof penetrations

How long will a GRP roof last?

Thanks to the robust materials and minimal maintenance requirements of glass-reinforced plastic, GRP roofing can provide years of reliable service. If problems do occur, repairing GRP flat roofs can be a quick process with minimal disruption.

GRP roofs: repairs and weatherproofing from Jones and Woolman UK

Here at J&W, our team has extensive experience in repairing GRP roofs and we have worked on a wide range of projects, from large commercial buildings to private homes.

We are committed to providing a high level of service to every one of our customers. To discuss the repairs of your GRP roof using our cold applied weatherproofing solution, please get in touch.