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Service Risers

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What are service risers?

Service risers are a type of roof penetration and provide a route for mechanical and electrical services to pass through a concrete roof.

They are commonly used in conjunction with rooftop plant decks, and they contain ducts, pipes or cable trays. They can also enable services like gas and water supplies, electricity and data to travel between the building’s interior and exterior.

When installing service risers care needs to be taken to ensure the structural and thermal integrity of the roof is maintained and prevention of water ingress and wind damage occurring throughout its lifespan. Weatherproofing is crucial to this and GRP provides an effective solution.

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sealed service riser installed on a commercial roof
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Weatherproofing roof service risers

Wherever services enter or exit a building, the penetration can be prone to water ingress, infestations and attack from the elements. This is particularly problematic for service risers that extend upwards through a roof, which is common for plant decks.

Jones and Woolman UK have extensive experience in weatherproofing and securing the penetrations through service risers. We are able to create safe and reliable covers and seals of any shape or size, including clusters of multiple services that remove the requirement for ‘dog kennel’ style detailing.

Our solutions include in-situ weathering for service risers in existing buildings, and we can also work with clients to develop solutions for new-build projects.

Excellence in service riser weatherproofing

Jones and Woolman UK is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service when designing, manufacturing and installing our service riser solutions.

To ensure the best results possible, our team of fully trained expert fitters carries out all installations and post checks to ensure quality. We also continually review training procedures and fitting techniques to ensure we offer only the very best service to our clients every time.

To find out more about our design and build service, or to discuss your project in more detail, please contact us using the form on the right today.