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Roof weatherproofing and building penetration site surveys

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Site surveys can help identify why a building is experiencing leaks and damp, or if you’re just curious about the condition of a structure’s weatherproofing, they allow you to understand what’s needed to ensure the building is fully protected from issues such as rainwater ingress and wind damage.

The weatherproofing experts and Jones and Woolman UK have extensive experience surveying commercial roofs and building penetrations. Following the site survey, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive report on the condition of the roof, outlining both existing and potential problems and recommending maintenance or repairs and preventative measures.

Commercial roof weatherproofing surveys

While most commercial roofs are flat roofs, the team at Jones and Woolman UK can provide technical roof surveys for any type of roof structure, whether it is flat, pitched or curved.

The survey will begin with a visual inspection of the roof, with an expert looking for signs of external wear, damage, and corrosion. We’ll then move on to carrying out specialist non-intrusive and non-destructive tests to gain a more thorough understanding of the integrity of the roof and its underlying structure.

As part of the roof weatherproofing survey, we will also examine roof penetrations carefully – from rooflights and access hatches to penetrations and service risers for HVAC systems, chimneys, manufacturing plant and other machinery. We will check the structure and placement of the penetrations, as well as the products used.

Vertical penetration surveys

Vertical building penetrations provide a route for pipes, ducts and cables to enter or exit a building through a wall. Site surveys to examine the condition of vertical penetrations can help building owners, operators and maintenance teams discover issues before they become big problems, ensuring the wall remains structurally sound and free from damage caused by water ingress or wind.

As with the roof weatherproofing surveys, a vertical penetration survey will begin with a visual inspection, with an expert looking for signs of cracks, damage, wear or deterioration. This will be followed by specialist non-invasive and non-destructive tests.

Book a weatherproofing survey today

very building is different, with its own unique requirements and challenges. A site survey from Jones and Woolman UK will provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of the building’s weatherproofing. It will also clearly explain any work that is recommended to achieve your desired results, including projected timescales and cost estimates.

As an expert in roof weatherproofing and building penetrations, Jones and Woolman UK is an approved installer of cold-applied liquid waterproofing. Our specially developed fibre-reinforced roofing system is suitable for waterproofing all types of roof and building penetrations. Thanks to its ease of installation, quick drying time and long-term durability, this system is often the ideal choice for repairs following a site survey. We can also design and build structural elements such as upstands, curbs, and trimmers.

To find out more about roof and building penetration weatherproofing, or to book a site survey, please get in touch using the form on this page. You can also call to speak to one of our experts on 01922 712111.

“We’ll provide the answer to your cladding and roofing penetration requirements, from the complete weathering of complex details to the complete design, manufacture and fitting of load bearing upstands.”