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Weatherproofing data centres: building penetrations and cable trays

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Keeping data centres running is critical. Businesses, government departments and other organisations rely on continuity of service from data centres, and when something goes wrong, it can cause severe disruption. There is, of course, a lot to think about when it comes to data centre management, and effective weatherproofing of the roof and all building penetrations is key.

In fact, in today’s changing and often unpredictable climate, weatherproofing data centres has become a major cause for concern. Hotter summers, harsher winters and an increase in severe windstorms are all putting extra strain on existing systems. And operators are expecting more from new builds.

Working with a weatherproofing expert will help to ensure that cable trays, building penetrations and roofs are all wind- and rain-resistant, and that the data centre can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

GRP weatherproofing systems

Here at Jones and Woolman UK, we provide a comprehensive range of weatherproofing services, combined with our durable and versatile GRP weatherproofing system. From site surveys to design, build, installation and maintenance, we offer everything you need to ensure cable trays, other building penetrations, roofs and walls are all completely weatherproof.

Similar to fibreglass or glass-reinforced plastic, GRP is a strong, durable, and versatile material that is ideally suited for weatherproofing applications, including all types of data centre weatherproofing.

Our system comprises a cold-applied GRP liquid that is suitable for use with almost any type of cladding or commercial roofing. The result is a joint-free installation that prevents leaks, thermal breaks, and wind uplift, while also contributing to the thermal performance of the building.

Weatherproofing of external structure installed on data centre
Weatherproofing of cable trays installed on data centre
Weatherproofing of external cable trays installed on a data centre
Weatherproofing of vertical penetrations installed on a data centre

Cable tray weatherproofing for data centres

An essential part of any data centre, cable trays provide support for the electrical and data cables that travel through a building. Of course, the cables also must get into the building somewhere, either through service risers or vertical penetrations, and weatherproofing those is essential.

Weatherproofing cable trays for data centres requires precise skill and expert knowledge. A properly sealed building penetration will effectively keep out wind and rain, while being structurally sound, preventing thermal bridging, keeping out vermin and contributing to fire safety. It should also meet aesthetic requirements and be easy to maintain.

The Jones and Woolman UK weatherproofing system can fulfil all requirements for weatherproofing cable trays. It is suitable for vertical wall penetrations and roof service risers, providing a versatile and quick-to-install option that will provide years of reliable and maintenance-free weatherproofing.

Weatherproofing data centre roof penetrations

As well as cable trays, data centres are likely to have a variety of other wall and roof penetrations that will require careful weatherproofing and adequate structural support to ensure the integrity of the building envelope.

HVAC equipment, rooflights, roof access hatches and solar panels are just some of the items commonly found on a data centre roof, and they will all need to be effectively weatherproofed and supported in order to protect the roof from damage and, therefore, protecting the valuable, delicate machinery inside.

With the Jones and Woolman UK weatherproofing system, all types of roof penetrations can be effectively sealed against wind and rain. We can make custom GRP upstands and other mouldings as required, and then all joints are coated with our cold-applied weathering solution, which dries quickly to create a robust and long-lasting seal.

Data centre roof repairs

If an existing data centre roof or building penetration is damaged and in need of repairs, one of the easiest options for carrying out those repairs is with the application of the Jones and Woolman UK weathering system.

Because the GRP solution is cold-applied and compatible with most commercial roofing systems, it enables commercial roof repairs to be carried out quickly, with little to no disruption to the business.

Data centre roof weatherproofing surveys

If you’re not sure where the source of a leak is, or if you’re concerned that a data centre roof has underlying damage, we can also carry out technical roof surveys.

Through a combination of visual surveys and specialist non-intrusive and non-destructive tests, we can establish the health of the roof, diagnose problems, and come up with treatment plans to get your roof back to optimal health and weatherproof performance.

Data centre weatherproofing services from Jones and Woolman UK

The expert team at Jones and Woolman UK is here to help ensure your data centre is fully weatherproofed. To see examples of previous work we’ve done, please see our case studies.

If you’d like to find out more about our design and build service or schedule a site survey, you can contact us using the form on this page or by calling 01922 712111.