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Commercial Rooflights and Commercial Window Installations

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Experts in commercial rooflights and roof windows

Commercial rooflights and roof window installations are an excellent way of providing natural lighting and ventilation, creating a more comfortable indoor environment that contributes to the wellbeing of building occupants. Access rooflights can also be installed, providing maintenance access or access to a roof terrace, depending on the product and the roof in question.

While commercial daylighting products offer many advantages, if they aren’t installed and weatherproofed correctly, problems such as leaks, damp and draughts can quickly develop. That’s why it’s important to find an expert installer who knows how to install the systems safely and seal the roof penetration effectively.

Commercial rooflight and roof window installers

The Jones and Woolman UK team has extensive experience installing and weatherproofing all types of roof window and rooflight products, and we’ve successfully installed daylighting systems from all of the best-known manufacturers, including:

  • Kingspan
  • Velux
  • The Rooflight Company
  • Roof Maker

Previous projects have included access rooflights, dome rooflights, continuous rooflights, roof window arrays and box rooflights for applications ranging from shopping centres and office buildings to airports and sports arenas.

Commercial rooflights installed all the way along a building
multiple Commercial rooflights and windows
Commercial rooflights and windows pitched roof
specialist weathering system cladding and single-ply roofs
commercial window installations weatherproof
Commercial rooflights and windows watertight
Commercial rooflights and windows-cadbury BEFORE
Commercial rooflights and windows-Cadbury After
Velux window roof installation weatherproof
weathering colour match service - Velux window installed with J&W
commercial skylights installed
commercial skylights installed and water tight
8 commercial skylights installed and water tight
multiple window penetrations waterproofed
Commercial rooflight and window installations
Commercial roof damage: repair or replace?

How are commercial roof windows installed?

The process of installing and sealing commercial roof windows, rooflights and access rooflights will depend on the roof construction and the type of daylighting solution being installed.

In all cases, the project should begin with detailed plans and drawings to ensure that the roof window or rooflights are suitably placed and that the installation will be structurally sound. Next, the roof penetration will need to be created, along with any necessary support structures, curbs, or upstands. Once the commercial rooflight or roof window is in place, it should be suitably sealed to protect it against rainwater ingress, wind uplift and wildlife.

Here at Jones and Woolman UK, we offer load-bearing upstands that can be custom made to suit any project requirements. Our unique inclined system allows rooflights and roof windows to be installed in all types of low-pitched roofs.

We also offer a specialist weathering system for complete peace of mind. This comprises a flexible, reinforced cold-applied liquid that is compatible with most types of cladding and single-ply roofs.

Excellence in commercial rooflights installation

Jones and Woolman UK offers commercial rooflight and roof window installation services across the UK, and we can also provide our services further afield if necessary. We are committed to ensuring all the work we carry out, and the solutions we manufacture, are of the highest quality. All our work is provided with a 25-year warranty as standard.

To ensure our best results, our fully trained professional fitters conduct all pre- and post-installation checks. We also review training procedures and fitting techniques continually.

If you’re looking into commercial rooflights and roof window installations, an effective weatherproofing solution for an existing roof window or rooflight, please get in touch on 01922 712111 or by using the contact form on this page.

Why choose Jones and Woolman UK?

25 year warranty, with a 40 year Kingspan system solution

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