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Vertical Penetrations

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Vertical penetrations are weathertight openings where pipes, ducts, cable trays and any other building ancillaries enter or exit a building through a wall. They provide a route for building services such as gas, water, and electricity to enter a building, for waste to be carried away and for data and communications to travel back and forth. Vertical penetrations may also be used for HVAC systems and other plant.

Getting vertical penetrations right can be problematic for two reasons: structural stability and complete water tightness. It can be even more complicated if there is a large number of vertical penetrations concentrated in one area, or if the vertical penetrations are of unusual shapes. Jones and Woolman UK has extensive experience designing and building vertical penetrations that are both structurally sound and completely weatherproof.

Structural Stability

We design vertical penetrations for complex arrays of cable trays and pipework and can deal with any sort of ductwork or steel structure that is required to pass in and out of the building. There is no restriction in size, shape, or position of the vertical penetration relative to the cladding profile.

Vertical penetrations weatherproof solution attached to a grey wall
Vertical penetrations for cleanrooms and controlled environments
Vertical penetrations for cleanrooms and controlled environments
Vertical penetrations for cleanrooms close up
Vertical penetrations in commercial building weatherproofed
vertical penetration Langage Power Station
vertical penetrations structurally sound
vertical penetrations in cadbury
steel structure sealing solution which is shown connected to a vertical wall
Weatherproofed vertical penetration attached to a wall with an air vent located to the left.
bespoke weathering solution for vertical penetration connected to a grey wall.
complex cable trays weathering systems
installing weathering systems for Vertical penetrations
brick wall penetration solution
vertical penetrations made water tight by J&W
wall penetration weatherproof solutions
weatherproof solutions for internal vertical penetration
steel structure sealing solution

Watertightness and weather resistance

The Jones and Woolman UK vertical penetration weathering system comprises a fibre-reinforced cold-applied liquid that can be used with any type of cladding or building system. The joint-free installation also prevents leaks and thermal breaks, which could affect the thermal performance of the building. Our weatherproofing system allows for last-minute positional changes, helping with efficient installation penetrations on site and preventing delays that often result in water ingress.

With extensive experience in building penetrations, Jones and Woolman UK is committed to providing the highest level of service. Our design team will work with you from the concept stage of your project to design a weatherproofing system that is a holistic part of the building and fulfils all your objectives.

The manufacturing team will custom build your weatherproofing system, ready for fast and cost-effective installation. To ensure quality, our expert installers carry out extensive pre- and post-installation checks, we continually review training procedures and fitting techniques and all Jones and Woolman UK installations are covered by a 25-year warranty.

To find out more about Jones and Woolman UK’s vertical penetrations or discuss your project in more detail, please contact us or fill in the form on the right today.

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This year we celebrate 40 years as a successful business within the roofing industry; as we continue to grow and expand our product offering, Jones and Woolman UK look forward to what the future holds, and applying our industry leading knowledge and expertise to your next project.

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