Specialists in the manufacture of GRP mouldings & impenetrable building solutions.

Design & Build

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With over 40 years of experience in the design and build of cladding penetrations and weathering systems, Jones and Woolman UK is at the leading edge of the roofing sector. Having worked with the largest developers in the UK and completed installations on projects around the world, we are known as innovators, and we continually develop and test new materials and techniques and streamline our application methods to fit with the fast-paced changes of modern construction.

Designing to concept

Our design and build service starts at the concept stage. Early involvement enables us to design and manufacture a high-performance weatherproofing system that works with the building. The holistic relationship of weatherproofing and the building envelope is crucial for a healthy and energy-efficient building with a long lifespan. Early involvement also means we can offer a dependable schedule of service and a high degree of installation flexibility that works with the sequencing of the project, helping to deliver on time and to budget.

Jones and Woolman UK’s design team will work with you closely to understand the project objectives. We appreciate the importance of both aesthetics and energy efficiency in modern construction and our weatherproofing solutions are designed to achieve required U-values. We can also match our detailing with any RAL colour to achieve the desired finish.

Manufacture and build

Once the initial design is completed, Jones and Woolman UK’s expert team will manufacture and build the system. Our unique cold-applied liquid GRP system can accommodate any type of cladding and can be applied to horizontal or vertical penetrations. All our weatherproofing solutions can be designed and built without restriction of size, shape or position relative to the roof sheet profiles. We can also advise on, and manufacture, any additional structural trimmers which are often necessary.

Jones and Woolman UK’s installation team can complete work on- or off-site, and we offer partial off-site installation for some ancillaries to increase the overall cost efficiency and installation speed. Any ancillary equipment can be fitted either by ourselves. This includes daylighting installations, heat pumps, cable trays and specialist elements. Last-minute positional changes are possible for both horizontal and vertical penetrations, enabling other trades to work more effectively. We maintain tight control over site procedures, ensuring the installation is carried out to our rigorous standards and complies with all relevant building regulations.

cladding penetrations and weathering systems
design and building cladding penetrations and weathering systems
J&W design and build service
leading edge of cladding penetrations
design and building cladding penetrations
leading edge of weathering systems

Testing for quality

As part of our design and build service, all materials and adhesives are independently tested in extreme temperatures and varying humidity conditions. We also use accelerated ageing process tests to ensure long-lasting, robust protection of the building envelope.

To discuss the design and build of a weatherproofing system for your next project, contact our team of experts who will be happy to answer your questions or offer advice.

Excellence in Service

Jones and Woolman UK is committed to providing the highest level of service. Our team of fully trained expert fitters carries out all pre-and post-installation checks to guarantee quality. We continually review training procedures and fitting techniques to ensure we offer only the absolute best service to our clients. All Jones and Woolman UK installations carry a 25-year warranty for complete peace of mind.


“We’ll provide the answer to your cladding and roofing penetration requirements, from the complete weathering of complex details to the complete design, manufacture and fitting of load bearing upstands.”

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