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Modular building solutions - weatherproofing penetrations

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roof penetration being weatherproofed on a modular building
image of a rooflight on a modular building that has been weatherproofed
roof penetrations installed and weatherproofed at fen end
weatherproofed rooflight on a modular building
vertical penetration weatherproofed on a modular building

Our expertise in building penetrations extends to rooflight installation for modular building solutions as well as penetrations for HVAC systems and industrial machinery.

We can manufacture and install load-bearing curbs as well as vertical and roof penetrations on all modular building types from any manufacturer, including Portakabin. With our unique fibre-reinforced weathering system, you can be sure of a dependable and professional finish.

Adapting modular buildings

Modular buildings are a popular choice for adding space to existing premises. They are widely used in sectors ranging from education and healthcare to construction and industry.

Modular building solutions are used because they are cost effective, quick to install and reliable. They can also be customised to suit specific requirements with additions such as:

Cutting through the walls or roof off a modular building to install these items is a straightforward process; ensuring structural integrity and a weatherproof seal is much more complicated. Getting it right is critical and the team at Jones and Woolman UK have the skills and expertise to provide reliable, high-quality building penetrations.

Roof top view of installed commercial rooflights installed at a nusery

Modular building penetrations – onsite or offsite

For modular buildings that are already in place, our team can come to you. With more than 40 years of experience, we know how to work quickly and efficiently to avoid unnecessary disruption.

If the modular building has not yet been delivered, we can attend the manufacturing site to have the building penetrations installed and weatherproofed. We are the only building penetration specialist to offer this service offsite, and it can significantly reduce construction time and disruption on site.

Quality and service

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to all our clients and our industry leading 25-year warranty applies to all of our work and solutions. To find out more about our modular building solutions, or to discuss your project in more detail, please contact us today.

Roof top view of rooflights installed on Cherry Tree nursery