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Monodraught sunpipes

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Download this technical drawing for details on the installation and weatherproofing of Monodraught sunpipes. These should be installed with an upstand and can be perpendicular to either the ground or roof. The drawing shows the sunpipe structure, including an optional adjustable elbow, as well as the upstand, trimmers and in-situ weathering from Jones and Woolman UK. Also known as sun tunnels, solar tubes or tubular daylighting, sunpipes provide natural daylight through a roof. They consist of a dome that collects sunlight at roof level, as well as a highly reflective tube that reflects the light downwards into the interior. The light then passes through a lens or diffuser to illuminate the space below. Sunpipes are an ideal alternative for natural lighting when conventional windows, roof windows or skylights cannot be installed, and provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of adding light to a commercial or residential space. For more information about the installation and weatherproofing of Monodraught sunpipes, download the technical drawing. You can also contact our technical team by using the form on this page or ring us on 01922 712111.
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