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Load-bearing curbs – built-up roof

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Download our technical drawing for a detailed explanation of how to specify and successfully weatherproof a load-bearing curb for input units, fans, and other equipment on a commercial built-up roof. Find out what layers are required, and how they work together to create a weatherproof seal. Weatherproofing load-bearing curbs Roof curbs provide support to roof-mounted equipment and play an important part in weatherproofing the roof penetration. They should be installed at a 90-degree angle to the roof pitch, and the height of the curb should be at least 150mm from the roof surface. We also recommend weatherproofing with the Jones and Woolman UK in-situ weathering system. This is a cold-applied GRP-based seal that provides flexibility, durability, and long-term performance. This technical drawing shows the various elements required to ensure a weatherproof load-bearing curb on a commercial built-up roof, and how they work together. To find out more, click the download button below. You can also get in touch with a member of our team using the contact form on this page.
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