How much maintenance do fibreglass roofs require?

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As with all roofing systems, fibreglass roofs should be regularly inspected to ensure that they perform as intended for the life of the building and look their best throughout the years. Reputable flat roof weatherproofing installers may offer warranties that cover their products and installation. As these warranties can be beneficial, and in some cases long-term (up to 25 years).

Because of the durability and longevity of GRP fibreglass the only expected maintenance typically required for fibreglass flat roofs is to keep them clean – this helps the surface maintain its striking finish. Cleaning fibreglass flat roofs simply involves removing debris, such as leaves, tree branches, moss, or other growth, and giving the surface an occasional wash with a mop and soapy warm water.

How often should a fibreglass roof be checked?

It’s a good idea to carry out a visual check on a fibreglass roof at least once a year and after any severe weather, particularly hail and high winds. This check can be carried out by the building owner/inspector or a professional roof covering installer for greater peace of mind. Any damage that has occurred can therefore be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem. If there are trees located close to the building, these can cause issues with cleanliness and should be trimmed regularly. Additionally, any blocked drains and gutters should also be regularly checked and cleaned out.

Fibreglass Flat Roofs With Roof Light
GRP Fibreglass Flat Roof
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How frequently should a fibreglass roof be cleaned?

Cleaning a fibreglass roof should be carried out at least once a year and can be part of a standard maintenance regime, without the need for specialist help. However, depending on the roof structure, building height and access requirements, maintenance may require an expert. This is particularly true for commercial and industrial applications. Drainage points and gutters should be cleared of any material such as leaves and debris to ensure water is able to freely flow from the surface and avoid build-up.

Fibreglass roof maintenance and safety

When working at height, such as on a roof, it’s important to ensure safe practice, and working at height precautions must be taken. Guidance regarding working safely on roofs is provided in the Health & Safety Executive document HSG33 which can be found here.

Jones and Woolman UK, established in 1979 and based in the West Midlands, provides roof and vertical penetrations, access hatches, upstands, weatherproofing and GRP moulding solutions. Jones and Woolman UK provide a complete roofing service from initial site surveys, as well as design and installation of a roofing system, through to aftercare and are approved installers of cold-applied liquid fibreglass roofs.

To find out more, please visit the fibreglass roofs solutions page and contact us for any project requirements around fibreglass roofs.

GRP flat roof repairs and installations

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The traditional method for finishing a flat roof is with a combination of felt and bitumen. Although this option does provide an attractive and durable result, it’s not particularly reliable over the long term. That’s why GRP roof repairs and roof installations are becoming increasingly popular.

GRP (also known as glass-reinforced plastic or fibreglass) is an extremely strong yet lightweight material that can be quickly and easily applied to flat roofs, providing a robust and weathertight finish that should last for many years. It is suitable for a wide range of projects, from domestic applications like small garden sheds, garages and house extensions, all the way through to massive commercial buildings like sports stadia and shopping centres.

The benefits of GRP roofing

GRP offers a number of benefits over traditional felt roofs – from its lifespan to its resistance to weather impact, mould, rot and fire. It is cold-applied, simplifying the installation process, and it can even be applied over existing roofing solutions, so you don’t need to worry about removing the old roofing materials before carrying out flat roof repairs.


Flat roofing: GRP vs felt
GRP Felt
Expected lifespan 25+ years 5-10 years
Can be installed over an existing solution X
Resistant to fire X
Capable of withstanding regular foot traffic X
Mould and rot resistant X
Weather resistant X
Cold applied X
Quick installation X


When a flat roof needs to be repaired, a quick solution is essential. After all, water and wind can cause a lot of damage in very little time. One of the main benefits of GRP – both for flat roof installations and repairs – is that it’s a cold-applied liquid, meaning that it is quick and easy to install. This is also advantageous for new roof projects, as it means you won’t have to wait long for the roof to be completed.

GRP is also a versatile material, and that’s why we also use it to construct other elements of a roof – such as architectural mouldings and upstands for roof windows and ventilation units, and it can be used to provide reliable weatherproofing around building penetrations.

GRP roof repairs and flat roof installations from Jones and Woolman UK

Here at Jones and Woolman UK, our team has extensive experience in both installing GRP flat roofs and carrying out flat roof repairs.

We work with a wide range of customers, from homeowners wishing to carry out improvements or repairs, through specifiers responsible for large commercial buildings. No job is too big or too small, and we are committed to providing a high level of service to every one of our customers.

Every month we buy in around two metric tonnes of GRP, and buying in bulk like this saves us around 40% on materials – savings that we pass on to you.

Whether you’re looking to repair a flat roof or install a new one, and whether it’s a garden shed or an international airport terminal, Jones and Woolman UK can help. To find out more or to discuss your project in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.