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Vertical penetrations for cleanrooms and controlled environments

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Getting services into cleanrooms and other controlled environments can be tricky – and protecting these critical environments from contamination requires careful planning and construction of the vertical penetrations.

After all, the connections between buildings and floors need to be sealed and reliable, allowing pipes, ductwork and cables to get in while keeping out everything else – from vermin and insects to rainwater and dust particles.

Sealed, reliable connections between buildings and floors

While vertical penetrations are among the most challenging details in the building industry to get right (especially in controlled environments) the team here at Jones and Woolman UK have extensive experience in completing this kind of project.

We’ve worked with clients in industries such as pharmaceutical production, food plants, data centres and other critical environments to create bespoke solutions, resulting in vertical penetrations that are effective, structurally sound and reliably sealed – as well as compact with a seamless finish.

Because vertical penetrations are more visible to people – as opposed to roof penetrations which are mostly unseen – Jones and Woolman UK is able to professionally colour match to any cladding colour, ensuring the vertical penetration is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, becoming a part of the building instead of appearing like an afterthought tacked on at a later date.

Watertight solutions that keep out vermin and insects

The point where services enter and exit a building is critical, and careful attention must be paid to keep out rainwater and wind, as well as any pests that might try to make their way in, contaminate the interior environment or cause physical damage.

Here at Jones and Woolman UK, we have a variety of techniques at our disposal to help ensure weather and pests stay where they’re meant to – outside – while providing reliable connections to air ducts, electrical wiring, fibre optics and other services.

We can design and fit complex cable trays and pipework, as well as dealing with any sort of ductwork or steel structure that is required to pass in and out of the building. A fibre-reinforced, cold-applied liquid is used to provide a reliable and low-maintenance seal and it can be used with any type of cladding, as well as single-ply membrane roofs.

We can also manufacture and fit reliable roof penetrations, comprising custom-made GRP curbs and service risers to suit customer units, access hatches, ventilation, pipework and other building services.

Our system is extremely versatile, and there is no restriction in terms of size, shape or position of the vertical penetrations. It also allows for last-minute positional changes or ancillary equipment to be added easily.

Vertical penetrations for pharmaceutical production areas, data centres and other critical environments

As experts in vertical penetrations, Jones and Woolman UK have more than 40 years of experience in delivering reliable and attractive vertical penetrations for a wide range of clients.

Over the years, we’ve worked with planning contractors, M&E contractors, architects and other specifiers to create effective solutions for cleanrooms and other critical environments where external contamination is not an option.

If you’d like to find out more about our vertical penetrations and sealing systems, or discuss the unique requirements of your next project in more detail, please contact us today.