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Streamlining weatherproofing in modular construction - whitepaper

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How each modular unit is constructed, how the units are joined together, and how weatherproofing is applied throughout a modular building’s construction, is pivotal to the success of a project.

Well designed and installed weatherproofing is integral to the protection of the building fabric, but also plays an important part in supporting the thermal performance of the structure. It is, therefore, crucial to consider the weatherproofing of a modular building envelope at an early stage of the building design.

Our whitepaper on streamlining weatherproofing in modular construction covers:

  1. The importance of modular buildings
  2. Considerations for the weatherproofing of modular buildings including the integration of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services (MEP) and daylight openings and sequencing & scheduling considerations
  3. Dealing with building envelope penetrations

Download your free whitepaper exploring the ever increasing importance of modular buildings in construction. Discover why correct weatherproofing by established installers, who have streamlined the installation of weatherproofing solutions for MEP and daylight openings, is crucial for the structure’s longevity, operation, and efficiency.

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