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Bespoke weatherproofed vertical penetrations solutions utilised for Gloucestershire Energy from Waste facility

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Gloucester efw roof panels
Gloucester energy from waste building

When a robust weatherproofed vertical penetration system was required for the EfW facility in Gloucestershire, Jones & Woolman UK were recommended by FK Group – a leading full building envelope contractor – to provide a bespoke solution. As a part of the weathering system, various penetrations were needed to protect specific aspects of the building’s systems. Complex vertical penetrations were required to house and protect cable trays, pipe networks and bridges, while the design of the ventilation, installed perpendicular to the roof, had to take into account water deflection to guarantee weathertightness. There was also a need to weatherproof chimney stacks towering up to 60m.

The Gloucestershire facility was built to manage non-recyclable residual waste in a way that would benefit the environment, economy and local community. This is achieved by the incineration of waste at extreme temperatures and the management of the gaseous products of the resulting combustion. The aim is to generate, amongst others; electricity, recyclable metals and aggregates. Gloucestershire EfW processes 190,000 tonnes of waste per year and the net energy output is estimated to reach 14.5MW, powering 25,000 homes in the region.

Weatherproofed vertical penetration system designed around the needs of the building

Jones and Woolman UK is often specified by architects and designers because they are able to design bespoke, completely watertight solutions protecting the fabrics of any building and its mechanical and electrical components. Especially in commercial environments, the function of the building is underpinned by the continuous performance of intricate components, of which the protection from the elements is critical. 

The Gloucestershire facility, however, required a more complex solution. Neil Boylan, contracts director at Jones and Woolman UK explains, “Due to the nature of the facility, we had to design a solution that would not only stop water penetrating but would also prevent air leakage. The gases generated needed to be either vented out by controlled methods or contained in refuges for safe disposal, depending on their composition. The bespoke design of the weathering system achieved complete airtightness, preventing potential harmful gas leaks.”

The biggest challenge was providing weatherproofing for the chimney stacks on-site. Neil Boylan continues, “We had a chimney system with an incinerator exhaust, around 40m tall and another chimney that spanned 60m. The whole system expands and contracts in response to the burn and combustion cycle within the facility. The weatherproofing installed to the vertical element had to offer elasticity and flexibility capable of dealing with the continuous change in size and temperature whilst retaining its absolute weatherproof and airtight characteristics. The installation had to be completed within a 1-week window to fit in the project deadline and to keep the costs on target.”

Investing in survey, innovation and design to deliver on time and within budgets

The solution was delivered whilst other trades were already working on the site, making the timing of each step essential to maintaining the complex scheduling. The expert teams at Jones and Woolman UK met the challenge head-on.

After the site survey, one week was allocated to design a solution that ensured complete performance to the required needs of the brief and accurate placement of each component to provide seamless integration. In the planning and design stage, Jones and Woolman UK had to also consider moisture created by the steam generated during the process cycles. Installation on a moist surface would have not been possible.

A further two weeks were assigned to manufacture an innovative solution to an exacting specification and to complete extensive checks to ensure performance even under these unusual conditions using their comprehensive in-house design and build service.

Further time was then spent to carefully plan and carry out the installation around the already busy site schedule. This approach meant that the complete weathering and cladding penetration solution for the Gloucestershire EfW was installed in 1-week as specified by the client.

Supporting the client with an as standard full-system warranty

The facility will run around the clock, with planned maintenance of only 14-days per year over the 25-year waste management contract. The weathering solutions designed, built and installed by Jones and Woolman UK carry their comprehensive warranty of 25 years and will therefore support the overall maintenance schedule of the facility. 

Neil finishes with, “Following the success of our innovative design and flawless installation of our bespoke roof and cladding penetration and weathering system at Gloucestershire EfW, we have been approached with enquiries for similar applications in Scotland.”

Jones and Woolman UK’s experts have taken on an incredible range of projects across varying sectors over the last 40 years, so if you need help with your next development, contact them today for your bespoke installation solution, or you can discover more about their extensive range of services.