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Installation and weatherproofing rooflights at Chiltern Brewery

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Chiltern Brewery is a real-ale manufacturer located on an old working farm in the heart of the Chiltern Hills. Established in 1980, it is the oldest independent brewery in Buckinghamshire. When the company decided to give the brewery an update, Jones and Woolman UK were chosen to make sure the building penetrations were weatherproof and thermally robust.

The project involved the construction of a purpose-built brewery barn, enabling the brewery to meet the growing demand for its beers. The new structure has been designed to fit in perfectly with the picturesque farmland surrounding it, and VELUX Commercial rooflights have been selected to provide natural daylight to the interior.

Installing and weatherproofing rooflights

Jones and Woolman UK have a close relationship with VELUX Commercial, and have worked with the well-known rooflighting brand on several commercial rooflight installation projects across the UK, explains Steve Smith, technical manager at Jones and Woolman UK. “This made us the perfect choice for ensuring the rooflights at Chiltern Brewery went in easily, but also safely and securely,” he adds.

With our extensive experience and knowledge of VELUX Commercial products, our team is fully trained on the installation and weatherproofing of its range of rooflights. We can custom-build upstands and curbs to provide structural support and weather protection, and our cold-applied GRP weatherproofing solution provides a professional and attractive finish.

GRP weatherproofing is also joint-free, prevents leaks and thermal breaks, contributing to the thermal performance of the building and ensuring the building envelope achieves the required U-values.

Corrosion-free weatherproofing for rooflights

Because beer is a corrosive substance, corrosion resistance was an important consideration for this project. “Beer is acidic, and the live cultures used in the brewing process can also cause corrosion,” explains Steve. “There’s also the potential for exposure to harsh cleaning products, so it was essential that our installation would be able to withstand years of exposure to corrosive conditions.”

GRP is an excellent choice for weatherproofing in corrosive environments, as it doesn’t react to most acids, chlorides, or solvents. It also doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms. “Using GRP to weatherproof the roof penetrations of the brewery will ensure that the roof stays leak-free and provides excellent thermal performance,” Steve adds.

Weatherproofing commercial rooflights across the UK

As experts in building penetrations and weatherproofing, Jones and Woolman UK has worked on commercial rooflight installation projects across the UK. Our team is fully trained to provide high-quality results and service, and we offer a 25-year system warranty.

If you’d like to find out more about the installation of VELUX Commercial rooflights and weatherproofing rooflights with GRP, or to discuss your project with a member of our team, please contact us on 01922 712111 or use the form on this page.