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The DfE modular buildings framework agreement

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The Department for Education (DfE) modular framework agreement centres around the funding for upgrading schools using modular building solutions which are fast becoming a popular choice for the education sector thanks, in part, to their economic and time-saving benefits.

Modular building solutions can be easily adapted to create:

  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Dining halls
  • Administrative buildings
  • Sports facilities

Adaption often requires building penetrations and Jones and Woolman UK specialises in installing and weatherproofing these penetrations to ensure long-lasting, reliable results.

What is the DfE’s modular framework agreement?

Also known as the DfE offsite schools framework, the £3bn scheme funds projects for increasing capacity and expanding facilities, and is intended to encourage the use of modern methods of construction (MMC), including offsite construction and modular buildings in schools.

The modular framework agreement launched in 2019 and the funding was separated into two lots with specific contractors announced:

Lot one – £2bn for secondary school projects above 6,000 sq m

  • Bowmer & Kirkland
  • Caledonian Modular
  • Elliott Group
  • Laing O’Rourke Construction
  • Wates Construction

Lot two – £1m for smaller projects in both primary and secondary schools

  • Eco Modular Buildings
  • Net Zero Buildings
  • Portakabin
  • Reds10 UK
  • Spatial Initiative

Adapting modular buildings

Rooflights are one of the most common additions to modular buildings. They are popular in the education sector since using natural light cuts energy costs.

Studies have also demonstrated that natural light can boost pupil health and concentration and may help to increase test scores. Rooflights combined with natural ventilation have also been shown to further improve students’ wellbeing.

Other building penetrations in modular buildings for schools typically include:

  • HVAC systems
  • Ductwork
  • Cable trays
  • Service risers

Whatever penetrations are needed for the modular building, we will provide a structurally sound and weatherproof solution.

Minimising disruption on site

If the building is already in place, our team can work onsite, completing the work quickly and to a high standard to minimise disruption.

Alternatively, if the building has not yet been delivered, we can attend your site of manufacture to install the appropriate weatherproofing solutions enabling schools and contractors to fully enjoy the benefits of offsite construction.

To find out more or to discuss a modular building project at a school – whether it’s part of the DfE modular framework agreement or not – contact us today.