Non-Load Bearing Upstands for Flues and Ducts

Sunpipes, Louvre Vents, Natural Air Vents, etc

The installation process:

  1. Cladding completed by others.
  2. Form the opening.
  3. Fit upstand, can be perpendicular to the floor or to the roof pitch.
  4. Weather the roof and upstand, including drainage and water deflection.

The roof cladding can be completed so that it is weathertight, we then form the opening and complete the weathering at a later more convenient time.

Allows for last minute positional changes.

There is no restriction in size, shape or position relative to the roof profile.

We also supply and fit GRP Natural Air Vents – please ask for details.

Louvre vents and sunpipes by all the major manufacturers.

Louvre vents skewed across roof but perpendicular to the flloor