Established 1979 – in the West Midlands – close to the motorway system.

Jones & Woolman (U.K.) Limited are at the leading edge of cladding penetrations and weathering systems for the construction industry. The flexibility of our unique system gives benefits over traditional weathering systems and is achievable on site at the installation stage.
Our weathering system accommodates all types of cladding.

The specially developed weathering systems have been successfully tested using accelerated weathering tests, ie heat ageing, water immersion, freeze/thaw cycling and uv light cycling by British Steel (now Corus/Tata) in relation to long term adhesion, ageing and weather-scaling performance. In 2010 our systems were successfully re-tested by an independent UKAS laboratory.

The company carries out all its own installations in order to keep a tight control over site procedures. Site application difficulties have been overcome by development of surface preparation agents and additives for adjusting the curing properties according to ambient conditions.

Our systems allow the hole to be cut wherever the opening is required and the soaker is made to fit, regardless of the positions of crowns and troughs or profile shape. The roofing contractor does not need to take into account obstructions and can order soakers without detailed surveys or measurements. Penetrations weathered within 300mm of opening, no requirement to flash back to the ridge.

  • Comprehensive warranty up to 25 years
  • Systems approved by Kingspan & other leading manufacturers
  • Fully compliant with current building regulations
  • BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality accreditation
  • Full manufacturing and installation facilities
  • Full design, advice and site surveys, including curb loading and structural trimmer requirements
  • Installations throughout the UK, Ireland and in Europe